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Engineered to support the highest torque and the highest flow power sections.


The Talon Open Bearing Motor’s robust, mud-lubricated design means longer life and lower cost of ownership for operators.

This latest innovation stems from applying over 25 years of motor design experience and developing a motor capable of taking some of the highest torque on the market, while also having a simple design that is able to be serviced in almost any shop.

Designed to perform

Features Benefits

Power Section Compatability

Engineered to support the highest torque and highest flow power sections available, allowing for greater performance and confidence in the bottom end.

Easy Servicing

Talon designs all tools with easy and low-cost servicing in mind, keeping downtime short for operators.

Heavy-duty Bearing Pack

The high capacity bearing pack allows for longer run time in even the toughest drilling conditions compared to competing technologies. 

Tough Flexshaft

Higher strength alloys within the flex shaft provide the highest fatigue resistance and durability in the industry. 

High Yield

Engineered, tapered connections made from high strength alloys that are hardness coated to improve the fatigue resistance and provide confidence in today's extreme environments. 

Talon Open Bearing Motor Specs
2 7/8" | 73.0 mm
3 1/8" | 79.4mm
Length (Bearing pack only)
41" | 104 cm
60" | 152 cm
Weight (Bearing pack only)
59 lbs | 27 kg
115 lbs | 52 kg
Maximum Flow Rate
5.3 BBL/min | 850 LPM
7.0 BBL/min | 1100 LPM
Maximum Weight on Bit
17,500 lbs | 7.784 daN
20,000 lbs | 8,896 daN
Bit Overpull
Operating: 17,500 lbs | 7,784 daN || Re-Run: 59,000 lbs | 26, 245 daN
Operating: 20,000 lbs | 8,896 daN || Re-Run: 75,000 lbs | 33, 362 daN
Tensile Yield
126,000 lbs | 56,048 daN
153,000 lbs | 68,058 daN
Torque Yield
2,010 ft- lbs | 2,725 N-m
4,150 ft- lbs | 5,627 N-m
2-3/8" PAC
2-3/8" REG

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