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Debris management with more efficient wiper trips and safer operation.


The Talon Flow Diverter is a robust and resettable answer to wellbore cleanout that does not require a stop in production.

The Talon Flow Diverter is a flow activated diversion tool designed to activate and reset as required, without the need to shut down pumping or pulling up the coil. With trusted sealing technologies, the hardest hitting pulsation tools can also be placed on the bottom hole assembly without the worry of the diverter failing. Divert flow when in the vertical to shut off pulsations and motor operation, avoiding resonance damage.


Proven performance

Extensive seal tests ensure that the Flow Diverter will perform when it counts. The eight jets provide a total cleanout of the annulus when conducting wiper trips while also taking operational hours off of the critical components below.

The Flow Diverter is a great option when paired with the Extender, or even standalone for those well cleaning operations.

Features Benefits

Repeated Use

With no need for a ball drop, the Talon Flow Diverter can be activated and reset as mush as needed without slowing down production.

Ball Drop Bypass

A ball drop bypass is in place so users can still activate the below tools.

Fluid Compatibility

Not all wells are the same. The Talon Flow Diverter can take on a wide range of jumpable fluids.

100% Diversion

Once activated, 100% of the flow is diverted to the annulus. Along with the high jetting velocity, the Talon Flow Diverter can take on any cleanup. 

Reliable Sealing

Using leading developers in sealing technology, the Talon Flow Diverter is trusted to last multiple activations and hard agitations.

High Yield

Use of engineered connections, hardness coatings and high strength alloys enhance fatigue resistance and reduce ownership costs. 

Ergonomic Design

Engineered for easy maintenance and low servicing costs.

Talon Flow Diverter Operation Specs
2-7/8" | 73.0 mm
3-1/8" | 79.3 mm
Activation Flow Rate (Freshwater)
4 BBL/min | 650 LPM
5.7 BBL/min | 900 LPM
Resetting Flow Rate (Freshwater)
2.8 BBL/min | 450 LPM
3.8 BBL/min | 600 LPM
Additional Activation and Resetting Flow Rates Are Available Upon Request
Talon Flow Diverter Tool Specs
2-7/8" | 73.0 mm
3-1/8" | 79.3 mm
39" | 99 cm
76" | 193 cm
45 lbs | 20 kg
49 lbs | 22 kg
Tensile Yield
194,000 lbs | 86,295 daN
220,000 lbf | 97,860 daN
Torque Yield
4,000 ft-lbs | 5,423 N⋅m
5,000 ft-lbs | 6,779 N⋅m
Top and Bottom Connections
2-3/8" PAC
2-3/8" REG

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