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The next generation of anti-friction technology. 


The Talon Extender is the next generation in anti-friction tools that utilizes water-hammer technology for long laterals and extreme dog-legged wellbores. 

The Extender is designed with the Multi-Tiered System that allows the tool to be set to specific job parameters, including:

  • Increase pulsation impact when needed with multi-drop ball configurations
  • Pre-configured to operate at maximum pulsation from surface
  • Pre-configured to function in high flow rate operations

The Talon Extender will reduce costs for operators, reduce downtime and improve drill-out performance while increasing safety. 

Proven performance

Performance that is captured on surface and validated in the well. The Extender’s Tiered System allows you to only pulsate as hard as is needed for the operation at the time, saving in costs of damaged components and increasing safety on the job site.

Over 200 well deployments have honed the operational capabilities to get through wells in a safe and efficient manner.

Features Benefits
Multi-Tiered Pulsation
Variable pulsation when needed will save high costs on fatigue and failures of Coiled Tubing, BHA and Surface Equipment.
Increased Safety
Utilizing multi-amplitude settings will reduce damage, fatigue and failure of equipment.

Low Frequency                                     

Lower pulsation frequencies allow for greater water hammer impacts, while also reducing the amount of resonance nodes when compared to high-frequency counterparts.

Long Pulse

Bring the ability to hit superior pulsations when the job calls for a tool that hits harder than the rest.

Flow Bypass

Not limited by power section flow.
Talon Extender Performance Data
2-7/8" | 73.0 mm
3-1/8" | 79.3 mm
Maximum Flow Rate
4.5 BBL/min | 715 LPM
6 BBL/min | 950 LPM
Max Flow Rate w/ Open Bypass
5.25 BBL/min | 830 LPM
7 BBL/min | 1,100 LPM
Talon Extender Specifications
2-7/8" | 73.0 mm
3-1/8" | 79.3 mm
71" | 180 cm
76" | 193 cm
85 lbs | 39 kg
94 lbs | 43 kg
Tensile Yield
194,000 lbf | 86,295 daN
220,000 lbf | 97,860 daN
Torque Yield
4,000 ft-lbs | 5,423 N⋅m
5,000 ft-lbs | 6,779 N⋅m
Top and Bottom Connections
2-3/8" PAC
2-3/8" REG
Triple Tier Pulsation
Tier 1 (No Ball)

50% of Pre-set Pulse
Tier 2 (3/8" Ball)

75% of Pre-set Pulse
Tier 3 (1/2" Ball)

100% of Pre-set Pulse

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Talon Extender