Talon Wellbore Technologies Corp.

Industry-leading downhole technologies

Talon Wellbore Technologies is focused on bringing unique, multi-functional oil and gas tools to market. Our high-standards for design and quality ensures each tool works effectively to save operators time and money. 

With a vast portfolio of downhole tools that are on the cutting-edge of innovation, Talon has been supporting operators across North America with effective solutions since 2017. 

Our unique approach involves integrating design, manufacturing, and technology development, which results in a robust product that works every time. 

Suite of solutions

Talon Extender

The next generation of anti-friction tools that utilizes multi-tiered water hammer technology for long laterals and extreme dog-legged wellbores.

Talon Flow Diverter

A robust, flow-activated and resettable answer to wellbore operations that prevents the need to stop production. 

Talon Open Bearing Motor

A robust, mud-lubricated designed technology that supports longer life and lower cost of ownership.

Talon Sealed Bearing Motor

The sealed bearing pack motor has been designed to support long life and delivers the latest innovations for the harshest conditions.

About us

Since 2017, Talon has been focused on bringing unique, multi-functional oil and gas tools to market that work effectively to save operators time and money.

Talon Wellbore was awarded the ICoTA Canada Innovation Award Recipient in 2022.

Talon provides an unmatched focus on quality assurance and quality control.

Talon has proven experience in basins across North America. 

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